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Graciela Ferretti

Tai Chi Qigong

From the moment two stones were clicked together to make fire, humans have been looking for ways to harness the forces of nature.  Through ingenious technological advances, we are now able to use energy derived from sunlight and water as fuel.  Soon we may learn to effectively turn the destructive fury of hurricanes and the wrath of electrical storms into powerful and practical sources of energy.  Still, most of us have yet to learn how to tap into the immense reservoir of universal energy that surrounds us in order to heal ourselves and maintain a state of wellness.


For millennia, the Chinese discipline known as Tai Chi Qigong has been practiced in the East with just such purpose.  This healing practice of managing internal energy through conscious breathing and body movement is a deeply energizing and invigorating “work out” for the entire being.   The exercises help fortify and elongate all parts of our body—from muscles, ligaments and joints, to veins, arteries and capillaries.


Graziela Ferretti has been a Tai Chi Qigong practitioner since 1993.  Under the tutelage of Chinese medical doctor and Tai Chi Qigong Master Li Ding, Graziela learned a discipline that has been adapted to the Western idiosyncrasy and the physical traits of a culture that lacks a tradition in this millenary practice.  Using those techniques, Graziela weaves in beautiful imagery with information about how our bodies are being affected by the particular ways in which we are moving and breathing.  Her melodious voice creates a rhythmic spell under which we “fly like seagulls,” “row down streams,” “bathe in rainbows,” and “clear the clouds above us.”  The constant flow of oxygen allows for optimum utilization of the exercises while provoking a sense of relaxation and well-being.

Qigong classes every Wednesday 10:30am, 3:30pm and 5:30pm

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