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Graziela is an internationally renowned intuitive healer and Tai Chi Qigong practitioner from Uruguay.  Based out of the United States since 1998, Graziela has led numerous workshops on health and healing through energy medicine and Tai Chi Qigong, and has been a guest speaker at various holistic learning centers and conferences around the world.  She is the founder of Centro Vida Natural China in Puerto Rico, a division of the holistic center that her Chinese master, Dr. Li Ding, opened in Buenos Aires, Argentina a decade ago.


Aside from offering classes and private consultations, Graziela is also participating in various research projects on the effects of Tai Chi Qigong on physical and emotional conditions.


Last year, along with a group of psychologists and educators, Graziela also led a study on the effects of Tai Chi Qigong in children ages 8 to 12.  This study was a first of its kind in Puerto Rico and, while the results are still being evaluated, the response from the children and their parents has been overwhelmingly positive.


Graziela is also spearheading this year’s events in Puerto Rico as part of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, an international event that will be held on Saturday, April 6, 2002, immediately following the United Nation's World Health Day.  These events will entail mass public demonstrations by Tai Chi & Qigong practitioners around the world to bring awareness and visibility to the community and media.  This will be the second year that Puerto Rico participates in this world-wide event.


Graziela is also a founding member of a pioneering team of professionals that is working with the correctional system of the State of Georgia with the goal of reducing the job-related stress that has led to intolerable levels of disease and violence in the system.  Graziela intends to accomplish this goal through the integration of the practice of Tai Chi Qigong into the daily routine of both the personnel and the inmate population.  Last year’s pilot programs were extremely well received and effective.


In South Florida, Graziela is also working with Nilza Kallos, MD, a medical doctor who is the founding director of W.I.T.H.I.N., an integrative medicine center in South Miami.  Last year, she joined Dr. Kallos in a panel discussion comprised of medical doctors and practitioners of energy medicine at the University of Miami.


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A former attorney in her native Uruguay and in Argentina, Graziela Ferretti is an internationally renowned intuitive healer, lecturer and Tai Chi Qigong teacher.  Though her intuitive skills have been evident since childhood, Graziela’s healing abilities truly began to flourish as she looked for holistic approaches to complement the allopathic methods that were failing to cure her of the degenerative illness that was claiming her life as a young adult.  Her commitment and determination to heal herself finally paid off several years later, at which time she completely renounced law to become a full-time intuitive healer.


In 1993, under the tutelage of Chinese medical doctor and Tai Chi Qigong Master Li Ding, Graziela began to practice Tai Chi Qigong, a discipline that perfectly complemented her emphasis on energy movement, conscious breathing and the use of imagery for healing purposes.  Tai Chi Qigong helped Graziela further fine-tune her abilities to affect the subtle energies that comprise the human being — an ability that is palpable from the moment we hear her melodious voice guiding us on how to move and breathe.


Like other energy medicine practitioners, Graziela treats the individual as a whole entity — taking into account and helping to align the emotional, psychological, spiritual, as well as the physiological components that comprise the human being.




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