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The practice of Holistic Medicine is firmly based upon the principle of treating the whole person. According to this principle human beings are composed of three parts; Body, Mind and Spirit. Each of these parts interacts with each other in many ways, causing with their actions health (ease) or disease (dis ease).

Conventional Medicine has studied the  body extensively and is now  beginning to recognize the significant role our minds play along with the body in regards to one's overall well being. There is a third and none less significant factor that interacts with the Mind and Body call the Spirit. When balance is achieved among the three parts, health and well being are inevitable. 

Once we understand this concept, we can take an active roll in our self –healing process, an ability we all have, but many of us do not practice

The Center for Complementary & Integrative Healthcare was created to  treat and educate it's patients so that they may obtain the life they all deserve.

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